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Website not selling? Want free traffic? SEO is the answer.

SEO done right provides a steady flow of prospects for your business. With ads, the sales stop unless you keep paying. With SEO you can step away for long periods and still enjoy enduring benefits.

SEO is 'search engine optimisation' and involves making changes to your website, content and social media so that you get your fair position in, for instance, Google's search results when someone searches for something you provide.

Done right it can get you a fair slice of online business.

What's required is a combination of:

  1. Technical skill: some changes are, to be honest, deeply technical (check this out)
  2. Editorial skill: you'll need to develop SEO optimised content (web pages, usually) for all the search terms you need to target
  3. Marketing skill: your page needs to satisfy the prospect otherwise Google will spot people leaving and stop sending you traffic

(If you are looking for SEO tips and tricks check out SEO secrets.)

It's a good job I've got both a background in marketing and PR combined with a first class degree in Internet computing. Maybe I'm your ideal SEO partner :-)

The SEO service I offer begins with a keyphrase analysis to see the (often surprisingly large quantity of) search phrases prospects tap into Google when they want what you sell. Prepare to get excited when you see the potential traffic you could get from Google, SEO traffic you are currently missing out on!

I will develop a custom SEO marketing campaign for you. Everyone is different. For consultants, being found in LinkedIn is key. For a cinema, it's getting shows into the Google listings. For artists, maybe Pinterest is the way.

Next, you'll need a search marketing plan for how to develop the content (text) for your website pages that will satisfy those searches. Of course I'm happy to work with your team on this. Copywriting for search engine marketing is a skill, though.

It's great if you're in Scarborough, SEO chats can be over a local Yorkshire beer or maybe Baytown coffee every now and then, but it's not crucial.

That's ^^ a fun SEO copywriting trick by the way. Punctuation is ignored, so if I want to rank for Scarborough SEO but still provide human-readable copy, a comma between Scarborough & SEO looks like 'Scarborough SEO' to Google. Of course that's also a trick that will cease to work someday as Google's linguistic capabilities inexorably rise.

'Content' is a wonderful thing. You start with a topic and perhaps you write an article but it could also be a video or a graphic or a poster or a tweet. And you can use it to send to your email list, you can send it to the press, and you can distribute it through social media or pay per click. That's a lot of value out of one search keyphrase. Check out my wider digital marketing services.

SEO isn't just about website traffic, by the way. Point 3 above is about visitor satisfaction. If someone searches, finds your website and is satisfied, Google thinks it's done a great job and sends you more traffic. If Google sends you someone and 15 seconds later they are back clicking on the next search result, Google concludes your site wasn't good for that search phrase it will deprioritise you. SEO is also about sales conversion and giving people what they want. Ultimately everyone's happy when the prospect can find what they want.

There are also strategies for breaking in to high traffic, highly competitive search phrases. Can you imagine the competitive pressure for being top of Google for 'car insurance'?

If you want to dive deeper in to how SEO works, try my guide to SEO basics and if you want to do it yourself I'm developing some SEO guidelines you might like. Do bear in mind though that SEO strategy should be individualised for each business.

Let me know what you're thinking and let's get your online marketing SEO sorted.

For some crazy reason some people think SEO is my most commendable skill. They clearly haven't seen me pat my head and rub my tummy at the same time. (It begs a video, that, doesn't it?)

PS. I've worked for myself for almost two decades now and I teeter between being concerned I've got too much work, to being concerned I've got too little. Basically I've pottered along OK and never done anything to market my SEO services, until literally today (24 May 2018). So I'm presently at average position 64 for the 69 "search engine optimisation scarborough" searches in the last month, and average position 102 for the 52 searches on "seo scarborough". Sign up to my mailing list and I'll let you know how things go.

Update 24 August 2018, I just added this SEO company page, so I hadn't done anything else about SEO bar write this page and I'm up to position 28 for 133 'seo scarborough' searches in a month. No idea what's happened to "search engine optimisation scarborough", I seem to have dropped off for that. Overall I've got 782 impressions and 5 clicks. Nothing to shout about, just registering progress from small efforts.