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Scarborough freelance social media marketer uses own-developed software to give you the edge

Remember when if you wanted something there wasn't much you could do about it until a salesman turned up to sell you it?

The Internet changed that. Nowadays we can just buy what we want. "But", said the marketers "we're still in charge of our image, right?"

Err, not so much. Social media means anyone can write anything online, share a video, review your products, take a photograph, and share it with .. anyone.

Actually, social media is amazingly positive for you, assuming you're a good company doing good work. You are, right? In that case, social media marketing is a brilliant way to build a tribe of loyal followers.

Social media is any place online where ordinary users can contribute without having to know HTML (the language the Web is written in). So not just Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn. It's online reviews, yes in Google & Facebook & Yelp but also TripAdviser. Even comments in tracks in Soundcloud.

You could enable comments on your website. As people add extra information or detail you could improve your page content.

Forums are very powerful but you have to approach these communities right or you'll be rebuffed.

Let's not forget bloggers and the blogosphere.

I'm your solution to the complexity of social media promotion. I can create, manage and implement a bespoke social media strategy for you.

You'll like the unique tools I've developed to help.

Firstly, I built the Social Media Growbot. That looks at your Twitter account (or that of your nearest competitor) collects all the people who follow you, and gathers together all the other accounts they follow, then it ranks them.

It tells you who has the attention of your market.

Who else your clients like.

Which magazines they read. Which bloggers are important to your people.

We can use that to focus our attention and make a super effective but affordable campaign.

It's only worth appearing in media that your prospects rate.

Also, if you can provably reach your prospects everywhere they look you can dominate their awareness without wasting money on media they don't see.

(I built that tool because I've not seen anything else like it, it' s unique to my social media marketing service.)

The other thing I've been developing, and this is for marketing opticians but it's very easily adaptable to your market, is a research tool that finds all the opticians in Facebook, downloads all their social media updates, and checks which have the most interactions. That tells us week by week what's actually getting results, and most of that we can basically adapt and re-use. Competition for Beyonce tickets, anyone?

Also with Twitter, it's important to tweet when your people are there. I didn't trust the usual tools because no-one was actually saying "we measure YOUR audience". So I built my own to measure the time and day of your best chance of social media engagement and to schedule tweets accordingly. Again, unique.

Any good campaign should listen as well as ‘speak'. Creating social media posts that entertain and inform is just one side of it. We need to actively listen, too. What are people saying about you? What do people type into Twitter when they want what you sell?

Hint: you can set up automated alerts so you can respond.

I also resell the best reviews management service. Using it we ask your customers to review you internally to begin with. If they are happy, we send them off to Facebook or Google or wherever you want to leave their review. If they are unhappy, you get to respond and sort it out (no bad review to spoil your totals).

It also gives you a monthly Net Promoter Score and customers' comments tell you how to win.

Let's not forget the amazing powers social media gives us to target potential new users through Pay Per Click advertising. Us marketers would have died for this amount of detail in the targeting of prospects back in the days of direct mail when 'targeting' was pretty much always the problem. Now: super targeted ads, super affordable, super profitable and scalable.

I can run your social media marketing stand-alone, but ideally it will be part of a co-ordinated content-led digital marketing system where we listen to the market and create entertaining and informative content, then use social media as just one route of many to get that content working hard for you.

So when you're ready, let's talk. No obligation, but I'll be very happy to work out how and where I can fit in to your business routines and help you build your business through social media marketing. It's what I do.