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I'm John Allsopp, I'm a freelance digital marketer, a sole trader here in the UK and Surge Marketing is my thing.

This website is built from scratch using a text editor, so it probably doesn't do half as much with your data as any other average website. One of the problems with the World Wide Web as it was designed is that web pages are served singularly by a web server with no knowledge of a customer journey through a web page. To overcome that all websites use cookies so we can understand the path people took through a website. Unless you provide your details, however, we don't know it's 'you' beyond knowing what tech you used and where in the world you are connected to the Internet.

Behind this particular website is a database, so if you do provide your details they will go there. That's held underneath Canary Wharf in London by a chap I studied with at Uni. That's a good thing.

I also use a service called AutoPilot to send out emails to people who request it. Every email provides a link to leave the list. I believe that company is Australian so I guess your data goes there.

It is possible, without me knowing who you are, to use various platforms (I'm thinking of Facebook) to re-target you with ads. You know, you look at a product and suddenly there are ads for the product all over your Internet. I've never done that, but it's possible I might try it. People keep telling me it works well, but I don't want to irritate anyone.

Other than trying to provide you with useful information I don't think I do anything else you might find problematic.

I've always used good passwords and taken decent backups and so on.