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Before Pay Per Click, marketers paid often thousands of pounds for a magazine ad, waited six weeks for it to come out, then maybe got some phone calls or coupon returns.

With Pay Per Click advertising, you can create perfectly targeted ads, have them running within minutes and only pay when someone clicks. Get on page one of Google in five minutes.

You can get managed PPC in Scarborough right here at Surge Marketing. Welcome. You are, as they say, in the right place.

With PPC marketing the targeting possibilities are mind blowing for a marketing old hand like me. Target your pay per click advertising by demographic, interest, location. Target search phrases so you are there at the exact moment a prospect has the need you satisfy.

Run two PPC ads side by side to test headlines and when you find the best one, test body copy.

Use PPC ads to test different creative approaches, headlines, or offers before you commit to print. Settle arguments with proof.

Development of CPC ads is ongoing. You will have noticed when you look at a product online and then you see ads for it all the time? That's called retargeting. I can do that for you, it works really well.

You can ask Facebook to target people with profiles similar to those who already like you. You can give them your customer list and it will find more people with the same profile so you can advertise to them. That's monstrously powerful!

And you can use paid advertising with Facebook to target people most likely to buy. I know! Seriously, it blows my mind every day. Facebook's artificial intelligence engine is behind the scenes watching everyone's behaviour, it knows who is ready to buy and that information is not kept in some secret lair .. we can access it affordably to grow our business!?!

People in your market are at different stages. Target those who don't know you with something attention grabbing, enticing enough to convince them you are worth 'following'. Try to get your following non-clients on board with a low cost offer. Upsell them. Target your clients with upsells. Move your good clients to become advocates.

Pay Per Click lets you do all that in a measurable way. We used to say that half of our marketing budget is wasted, we just don't know which half. Not any more, nowadays we know exactly what's working and what's not.

Pay Per Click is also scalable. Once you've tested your ad, landing page, offer and so on so you know it makes money, turn it up.

I used to be sniffy about Pay Per Click, thinking of it as a way only to test search phrases before putting in the effort to optimise for SEO. That still works ..

.. SEO might be 'free' but it takes a while and carries a risk. You can optimise for search and then wake up one morning to find Google's changed the rules. You're now on page 12 of search and your sales have bombed. (In truth, this probably only ever happens if you've been trying to trick Google. Good, honest SEO is evergreen and SEO is cost-free, check out Surge Marketing's other digital marketing services.)

PPC is repeatable. I think of it like spinning plates. Get an ad profitable, optimise it. Get another. Before you know it you've got 10 profitable PPC ads, so then why not 100? 1,000? Build out a system that seeks out and warms up cold traffic, heats up your prospects and sells to your fans. If Google changes the rules, your ads will perform the same. They are your insurance.

A big advantage of working with Surge to manage your PPC in Scarborough is that the cost of a click is to a large extent determined by how well you convert that prospect. In other words, the page they click through to has to be persuasive and speak to the prospect's need. Surge Marketing is all about powerful copy and persuasive digital marketing systems. Surge Marketing is not just here to create and run an optimised PPC campaign for you, Surge is here to optimise the whole process from market analysis to PPC management to sales conversion, upselling and raising lifetime customer value. That wider view gets you cheaper clicks.

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