Make your website pay!

Headline 'A', 0.1% conversion. Headline 'B', 3.6% conversion.

36 times more business, just from changing a headline!

The system that does this is called the Open Power System for websites.

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(Step 1 is a £199 website user review (to be invoiced on completion). THREE FREE BONUSES included.)

Roll out the science

Most people's websites just sit there being mediocre. Is that yours? Imagine if your website powered your business. Imagine if you only got easy clients who love what you do, spend plenty and recommend you to their mates. That's our goal for you.

The Open Power System for websites is a proven system that turns your website into a business powerhouse using user tests and A/B tests so 1) we DISCOVER for CERTAIN what needs fixing then 2) we PROVE the solution makes more money. Then we do it again & again. Even just 10% improvement per month is nearly 3x your business after a year.

(A user test is literally walking through your site with several users, reporting on problems along the way. The results are frequently a real eye opener "I've been doing it wrong all these years!". An A/B test is where normal website visitors see either version A or version B and we measure the outcome. If version B visitors spend more, that wins and we make it permanent & go test something else.)

About the programme

Together, we follow the money, clearing clutter and focussing on what really works. We re-write, improve and test in a hunt for more profit for less effort.

The Open Power System works on a monthly cycle: research, test, measure and, assuming you have a working business, it usually generates its own funds so it's mostly free.

It's 'open' because the secret is to listen to the market and be open to what it's telling us. It's a 'power' system because each improvement adds to the one before, compound-interest style. And it's a 'system' because we repeat the cycle each month for continual improvement.

The Open Power System: evolve your website perfect.

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(Step 1 is a £199 website user review (to be invoiced on completion). THREE FREE BONUSES included.)

(I know!)

What are the bonuses?

You get all three of the following bonuses when you sign up to start the Open Power System for websites and start your first £199 user test.

FREE Bonus 1: Twitter Growbot Report worth £29.99

Helps you read the mind of your prospects

FREE Bonus 2: month of Instagram growth worth £69.99

Instagram is storming right now, get a free month of (it talks about restaurants but it can be applied to any business ... so we will :-))

FREE Bonus 3: access to my own notes on how to build a killer lead magnet

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