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Most businesses are leaving piles of money on the table by not doing email marketing right. Fix that here & now.

For those who were doing email marketing right, the GDPR rules in May 2018 were no threat.

It used to be all about the size of your email list. Nowadays, it's all about how much your list loves you, how much they want you and how well you know your market.

Nowadays a common self employment goal is to get a small list of only 1,000 people (3 signups a day), but to have them so engaged they spend on average £100 per year with you.

How do you get there?

First of all, those people have to be members of a market .. that's a well defined group of people with a common interest who have money to spend.

Next, you have to understand them. The person who understands the market best wins it. Yes research, but also interaction.

Then you send regular emails (otherwise they forget about you) about things they care about. Inform or entertain. Create properly good content.

Every now and then when you've got something to sell, email "hey, do you have this problem? I might be able to solve it for you, click here".

Those who do have the problem get tagged into a sub-list and receive an email marketing routine that takes them from 'curious' to 'buyer'.

That routine might be a launch; online launches have their own rules.

Buyers get upsold and downsold until they have everything they need. Upsells and downsells provide them the opportunity to customise their purchase and get exactly what they want.

If you haven't got anything to sell today, you could sell someone else's product for a cut.

Never email someone who stops responding, they're gone and they are damaging your deliverability. You want your emails to arrive in people's in-box, not their spam tray. Move these people elsewhere into a different routine.

All of this can be automated.

It all starts with a lead magnet. A swap of some nugget of information in return for someone's email address. It tells you someone is in the market for what you've got. They identify themselves as being a member of your target market. You send what they want along with an upsell opportunity, introduce yourself and then they are on your list. It's part of your automated marketing machine.

Obviously there's a lot of detail I've skipped over here, but the take-home message is that a switched on, engaged list is a major business asset. If you are not creating that you're really missing out.

This automated marketing machine is how you take people from enquirer to buyer, from buyer to repeat buyer, and from repeat buyer to advocate.

And it really can be fully automated.

You have to create the content, of course, and that's very much where my company scores. Surge Marketing is a content and digital marketing company in Scarborough also handling social media, pay per click (PPC) and search engine optimisation (SEO). As we develop interesting stories for your business that we can use in PR, as a blog, with ads and for SEO, they can be repurposed for your email marketing to create a co-ordinated marketing system.

If you've read about Surge Marketing's approach to digital marketing you might remember the idea of improving your website traffic, your sales conversion, and your lifetime customer value. To my mind, email marketing helps keep your clients keen and spending money and so it raises your lifetime customer value, often dramatically.

You might like this: let's say you get 100 people, offered them a £50 product and 40 bought it, so you made £2,000. There's a power law about this. If your product was £30, 72 would have bought it. But 8 would have spent £200 with you if you had something worth that. (This is the magic of upselling and downselling.)

Online sales copywriting guru Frank Kern says the money is in those who say no. If they are on your list, they have a need you satisfy. It's just they want a different price point, or a different colour or way of delivering. Your email machine is how you keep talking to people until you find the key to their lock and the door swings open, and I don't mean that in a "I won the sale" way. It means I listened, adapted and finally 'got' what the client wanted. That's properly serving your market, I love it.

All of that sounds super lovely. It's just that if you're like most people, you haven't emailed your list in months. Or you don't have a list that's a major business asset like this. Or you have a list of 3: you, your mum and your dog. You can change that now.