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Comedian Stewart Lee's last tour was called 'content provider'. It's funny because everything nowadays is 'content'. Not content as in happy, of course. No, everyone's unhappy (read on for the fix). Content as in the thing that's inside your email, your blog or your web page.

So, what is Content Marketing? How can we build a content marketing system? What does content marketing mean for you and your business?

Let's start with this: The winner will be the company that knows its market best.

Buy a magazine.

How do they do that? Imagine having to create a magazine every month that contains enough interesting news and articles for people to pay real money to read it and keep everyone in work, month after month.


If you know your market ..

  • you know what they want ..
  • you know their problems, and ..
  • you know how they feel.

I'm reading at the moment and it says all that stuff about there being special character traits that make a great leader, that's all absolute rubbish.

A leader is someone who exemplifies a tribe and shows us how to live our common ideals.

So if you know your market, you can lead. Show the way. Red Bull dropping Baumgartner onto planet earth.

That's content.

Inform or entertain.

If you and your tribe share the same values, they'll support and follow you forever, wear your logo, call their kids your brand name (Porsche, Brooklyn).

What you need is a way to come up with ideas for great content.

(Note that these are focussed on customer concerns. They start not with "we have a new product", but with "we see this issue or problem, do you? Here's our solution, what do you think?")

Then those ideas can be turned into a tweet, a blog post, an ad, an infographic, even a poem or a song or a t-shirt slogan.

A content idea can be tested on Twitter, and if your market likes it, you can develop it more. Test it in the market and if it works, run with it.

All the digital marketing I talk about here in Surge Marketing, it's all content marketing. What will you use as an ad? What will you email? What will you put out on social media? What are your people searching for on Google? What are you going to send to the press? Everything is content.

Content cements your relationship with your market.

It's what turns you from being a sales rep into a friend for life. And yes it sells. One of the principles of New Sell is to turn around people's perceptions so they see their problem in a new way. Content can do that.

Stories show how likeable people face difficulties by summoning up courage and facing their fears. In sales, we say "oh hey, maybe you believe me, but you don't believe what I'm offering will work for you .. you don't believe yourself, so here's a story about someone who thought exactly that and look at them now".

So where will you get ideas for great content?

I had someone call me about my social media marketing services and he said "I don't use Facebook, I don't really get it. Why should I use it?" <- That's a content idea. "Does it snowball or do I get results straight away?" <- content idea.

Type something relevant into here You should end up realising that the possibilities for being there when your market has a question are endless. If those are the questions your market is asking, and if marketing is here to solve people's problems and make them happier (yes, it is, #thefix), then .. you need content marketing!

So to cut to the chase, my service is to talk to you, do the research, plug into your existing listening systems come up with content ideas, create the content and feed it into a dynamic content marketing system that distributes it through social media, PPC, SEO, email and PR, feeling all the while for what your market loves and always following the money, tracking results through Google Analytics and other tools so we can optimise the return on investment (ROI).

Some content is for people who have never heard of you. Some is for your die-hard fans and long term clients. Some is for your prospects. I can balance the whole system so everyone gets what they need when they need it.

Helplines? Content.

We can start cheaply and easily with a few Tweets, but the real beauty happens when we have everything running as one integrated, professionally run content marketing system that pays for itself many times over.

It's a little bit big, this, but let me handle that. We just need to talk. It's completely free of any charge for me to understand your situation and suggest how we could proceed to develop a content marketing system for you. So let me know if you would like to talk, initially over the phone, here: