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Hi, before you start I just wanted to say, if you are looking for website development, go to, that's the 'arm' of Surge Marketing that does web development. And yes, that team will be working on this website very soon.

Let us run your Twitter account

Twitter is a fabulous way to find new customers and business partners.

The problem is .. it takes time. You have to know how to use Twitter, and you have to use it every day.

You probably have better things to do. So let us run your Twitter account.

You get to concentrate on what's important to you, while we grow your business on Twitter. How cool is that?

Yes, please, do my Twitter for me!

Discover how to use Twitter to market your business

Twitter has enormous potential to improve many aspects of your business .. there's so much to it we couldn't fit it on a web-page, an email or a brochure so we wrote a 40-day online learn-something-a-day course that will turn into a book. Even if you know nothing about Twitter, this will show you what to do and why, including lots of marketing and persuasion psychology along the way. Everyone is bound to learn something (that's guaranteed). In the end, you'll be unstoppable (well, assuming you have electricity).

Give me Twitter powers!

Visualise your sales on a map

Google wants you to create great 'content'

Google wants great, engaging content (text, images, video) for social media and your website. We can help you with that so much, it hurts.

OK, show me what you've got

Analyse Twitter to find out what your clients are into. Use that to drive Facebook ads. Get inspiration for joint ventures.

Get web-driven retail display screens

We have our first product! Retail screens that display selected photographs and videos from your website. So when you update your website, you can update what your retail screens show too, at the same time.

Webalise my stores!

Get a well organised website for your club

To the top of Google!

Search is still king: it delivers volume, and every search visitor is looking for what you provide. 42% of all the traffic to a search goes to the top result.

Forget SEO (it's out of date). For you to get to the top of search, you have to show Google you deserve to be there. That means you're engaging with your market, you're up to date, and you're mixing in the right circles.

We can handle the whole thing or we can show you how to do it (or anything in between) but if you're serious, we can get you there.

I want more traffic from search

Website capability

People using the Internet are normally trying to find-out something, and sometimes a normal website doesn't cut it. Sometimes you need something unique and useful that sets you apart.

For example, on this front page, each of the services shown are popular, and they are shown in popularity order. That increases the chance that you'll see something you like within the first few seconds of arriving.

Actually, we are tracking your behaviour. Next time you visit, it may seem we provide everything you want, and nothing you don't. What you do here tells us what we need to do. It drives our business. It can drive yours.

Or perhaps you need a better way for people to find what they need. For instance, "show me clothes that suit my colouring", or "show me local varieties of apple trees".

Or maybe you just want something automating.

So that you can be outstanding .. we build that sort of thing for you, from scratch. It makes you useful, not the same as your competitors. You'll be seen as giving .. so prospects will come back to you when they want to buy.

Yes, let's talk about some custom software

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